Why You Need to Consider Independent Living For Seniors

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July 2, 2020
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July 30, 2020

Why You Need to Consider Independent Living For Seniors

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Transition through any stage of life comes with its unique set of challenges. When old age arrives, you may realize handling all the basic activities of daily living has become more difficult. The American population is quickly aging, with 24% of the population expected to be 65 years and above by the year 2060. If you’re in this age range, you might want to consider independent living.

Independent living facilities provide an attractive alternative to many seniors, which allows them to live in place while enjoying their freedom. With more seniors preferring to live in senior living communities, here are six benefits associated with all-inclusive facilities.

1. Vibrant Social Life

One of the greatest problems of aging alone is the lack of socialization. Many seniors tend to become more lonely as they age, which may lead to depression. Independent living communities allow you to participate in different events and functions, thus allowing you to socialize with your neighbors. Senior housing communities will also enable you to continue with your charitable works through volunteer activities. An estimated 50% of adults aged 65 and over participate in volunteer work, thus improving their quality of life.

2. Fitness opportunities

Most Dallas senior living communities have fully equipped fitness centers. The centers support exercise workouts, yoga, tai-chi, walking clubs, and dance classes to name a few. The activities help keep you active and fit as you age in place. The fitness regimens also help combat some of the deleterious effects of aging by improving balance, bolstering strength, and helping flexibility, all of which can help you maintain your daily routines.

3. Safety and Security

If you are worried about your safety within your current home, senior living communities may be the solution. Independent living facilities invest heavily in security amenities, such as CCTV cameras. These cameras provide ’round the clock video surveillance of your home, ensuring your safety. Additionally, seniors are prone to trips and falls, especially when they live alone. Independent living centers typically have emergency pull-out cords that assist in calling for help during emergencies.

4. Privacy

Independence living offers seniors a chance at having control over their daily activities. As people age, they become more dependent on the help of others but most retirees state that they prefer to age in place. Senior housing projects offer affordable accommodation options that help the elderly maintain their privacy. The arrangement helps keep your affairs private while ensuring that you maintain a certain degree of independence.

5. Proper Nutrition

Healthy meals play a critical role in maintaining the health and fitness of the elderly. Most senior living communities operate restaurant-like dining amenities that serve freshly prepared meals for the members. The five-star meal plans follow strict balanced diet guidelines as prescribed by resident nutritionists. Additionally, the facility can prepare special meals as advised by your physician.

6. Lower Cost of Maintenance

Transfering to an independent living facility helps you save on your utility and maintenance costs, too. Taxes, utilities, and cable bills are inclusive of the monthly payments, thus reducing your maintenance cost. With a ready housekeeping and maintenance team to support you, you can focus on enjoying life in your sunset years rather than worrying about the uncut lawn.

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Independent living communities allow seniors to live their life to the fullest without giving up their freedom. Residents enjoy a stronger human connection, well-cooked meals, safety, and independence within the facilities. Are you looking for senior living facilities in Dallas, TX? Contact Lakeland Hills to transform your life as you age in place.

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