Why Are More Seniors Moving to Senior Living Communities?

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December 1, 2020

Why Are More Seniors Moving to Senior Living Communities?

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Dallas senior living communities have grown exponentially. It is no surprise that senior housing is in high demand not only in Dallas but across the country. Senior living communities are typically communities that are exclusive to the 55 and older set. Nowadays, they are booming thanks to a soaring increase in people aged 55 and older.

The first wave of baby boomers reached the age of 65 in 2011. As of 2016, there were 13,787,044 people in the U.S. that were 65 years of age and older. We can thank the baby boomers for changing ideas about the “right” way to age. More seniors are choosing independent living in communities that were exclusively designed for people 65 and older.

A Sense of Community

As we reach our golden years, the kids are grown and gone and it is time to rediscover who we are and what we like to do. Senior living communities are the perfect backdrop for that rediscovery phase of life.

Today’s seniors are not quite ready for the rocking chair on the front porch waiting for visitors. They are more likely to be active, vibrant, and have a list of things they want to experience. Living in independent housing that is tucked away in a community of peers that are like-minded adds to their quality of life.

Senior housing in a senior living community often comes with perks like yard maintenance, proximity to shopping centers and stores, and activities that keep residents happy and engaged. Senior housing lets seniors enjoy life.

The Convenience is a Huge Seller

While the family home was a great place to raise a family, it likely requires a lot more work than seniors want to put in. This is the time in life when enjoying life should take priority, not home maintenance. A senior community comes ready-made with great neighbors, a secure environment, and plenty of conveniences to ensure those golden years are truly golden. The best part for many seniors is you can involve yourself as little or as much as you want to in your community. You own the home, you make the rules for your life.

Great Social Opportunities

Many seniors move to senior housing because of the social aspect of living in a neighborhood where there is plenty of opportunities to socialize with people their own age. There is usually plenty of neighborhood fun on the agenda.

Senior housing can be a great option for any active senior that wants to maintain their independence and live in a space specially designed for them.

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