Top Reasons Why You Should Consider a Senior Living Community

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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider a Senior Living Community

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According to American Senior Communities, there are going to be somewhere around 14.1 million people age 85 and older by 2040 in the United States.

Even though they’re getting older, many seniors feel like there’s no real need for them to move into a senior living community. As long as they’re healthy and mobile, their thinking is that they should continue to avoid moving into senior housing. Going to a senior living community would feel too much like surrendering their freedom.

However, there are thousands of happy seniors in senior living communities who would beg to differ. There are many reasons, outside of health concerns, that you should consider moving into an independent housing community. The following are some of the top ones.

Lose the worry and expense of home maintenance

Take a quick look around your home. Is everything in order and good repair? Or are there small signs of deterioration and neglect? If you see such signs, it may mean that you just don’t have the will or energy to keep your home in good shape anymore. It might be time to move before your house investment starts losing value.

Remember, housekeeping services are either available or included in all senior living communities.

Overcome daily transportation challenges

Perhaps your driving isn’t quite everything it used to be. Or perhaps you’ve begun to find yourself spending more time in the car than you used to, just getting from the grocery store to the pharmacy and back. One way or another, a senior living community can dramatically shrink the distances you have to go to get what you need. Most of them provide transportation and many have products and services you need right on location, such as banks and beauty salons.

Make cooking optional

While we’re on the subject of buying groceries, are you getting tired of cooking? Often, residents of senior living communities say that the food is the best part of being there. If you’re tired of cooking and cleaning up every day, you will greatly appreciate the delicious meals that are either included or available in senior living communities.

Experience a more vibrant social life

If you’re like many seniors, you may have begun to feel more and more isolated as time goes by. Has your circle of friends diminished considerably, compared to what it once was? Do you check your datebook to find it full of blank pages? It might be time to start making new friends. One of the best and easiest places to do that is in a senior living community.

For one thing, all the residents already there are in your age group, which means they’re practically your peers. You don’t have to try buddying-up to the young couples that move in next door to you anymore. Second of all, the amenities and activities available at most senior living communities are second to none. Besides finding instant companionship, there could be exercise classes, painting and hobby courses, card games, movie nights, wine tastings, dinner outings, dancing, and much more. Many communities feature clubhouses and swimming pools. Others even have tennis, pickleball, or golf onsite.

Make the eventual transition to assisted living easier

Once you decide to move into a senior living community, you’ll probably realize it was the best decision you could have made. And if you require assisted living sometime down the road, making that transition from independent senior living isn’t difficult. It’s essentially independent living with more services.

In assisted living facilities, you can continue to enjoy many of the same activities and conveniences you’ll have come to expect in independent living.

You’ll know just how fulfilling and exciting the senior living experience can be.

You may not completely understand it until after you’ve made the move, but with independent senior living, you aren’t giving up your freedom. You’re improving it. An independent housing lifestyle can bring you far more convenience, peace of mind, enjoyment, and even independence, than you may have enjoyed in a long time.

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