Top Activities for Seniors Living In Independent Housing Communities

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December 9, 2019
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January 10, 2020

Top Activities for Seniors Living In Independent Housing Communities

senior living

It is estimated that 90% of seniors over 65 in the United States will want to stay home for as long as possible. Many of them are concerned that the senior living facilities around them will not provide the mental and social stimulation they need.

However, there are Dallas senior living communities that incorporate different types of activities. These activities are crucial for seniors in independent housing since they enhance overall mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Here are some of the top activities that seniors can enjoy.

Various Types of low Impact Exercises

As one grows older, muscle strength decreases and the bones become brittle. The rate of deterioration of these and other organs increases when one chooses to live a sedentary lifestyle. Luckily, people over the age of 65 can improve their physical and mental health through exercise.

Some of the exercises you enjoy while in senior living communities include:

    • Walking: It is a low impact exercise that can make you fit and invigorate the mind. Taking walks to parks and hiking trails can reduce stress and improve your mental well-being. Reputable senior living communities will have designated walking areas that make it easier for members to do the same.
    • Stretching, Yoga, or Pilates: These are low impact exercises that many in independent living communities enjoy. Stretching helps to lengthen the muscles and also improves stability and flexibility.
    • Weights and Dumbbells: People over the age of 60 can and should lift weights. Strength training can improve muscle mass and prevent the deterioration of bones. Some senior living communities have modern gyms and trainers to help one get started.

Fun and Engaging Cultural Outings

Retirees in senior housing facilities do not have to feel like they have been confined. Some independent living Dallas communities can go on short trips with peers and friends. Cultural outings may also involve going to Casinos, Malls, and local movie theaters.

These outings have many psychological and physiological benefits for seniors. For starters, researchers have found a link between processing health information and regular outings. According to the study, the more people over 50 years of age go out, the more health literate they are likely to be.

Why do cultural outings improve health literacy? Health literacy is the ability to process and obtain the necessary information. While scientists couldn’t establish a cause and effect, they believe the activities help to boost memory and cognitive function.

Additionally, outings involve walking and fun interaction with peers. People in senior living communities enjoy outings for physical and social stimulation. It is, therefore, beneficial for overall health in the long term.

Games and Puzzles

Seniors also enjoy games and puzzles for social and mental stimulation. Puzzles are relatively inexpensive to acquire and can be a fun activity for people of all ages. People over the age of 60 can enjoy board games in senior living communities, which encourages them to engage peers as well as visitors and loved ones.

Science also shows that puzzles can be immensely beneficial to people in this age group. According to recent research, it can enhance cognitive function and reduce the risk of neurocognitive disorders such as dementia.

A Variety of Hobbies

There are also many other hobbies and activities you can engage in when living in a senior living community. This is because the communities, nowadays, have in-house staff to assist seniors who want to participate in various hobbies.

The setup is designed to enhance engagement with other members of the community. You can learn to cook, swim, dance, knit, and create artwork.

Whatever the activity, you can always get professional staff to help you learn and enjoy the same.


Activities are important in senior living communities. They can boost brain function, improve physical health, and encourage social engagement for people over the age of 60. Certain independent housing areas have a wide range of healthy activities and will provide you with professional assistance at your convenience.

Therefore, consider choosing an independent housing facility with these services for overall mental and spiritual well-being.

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