Some Basic Requirements a Modern Senior Housing Facility Should Fulfill

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Some Basic Requirements a Modern Senior Housing Facility Should Fulfill

The population of people over the age of 65 has been rising steadily in the last few decades. Due to improvements in access to healthcare, Americans are today living longer. According to the census, there are more than 50,000 people in the US who are older than 100 years.

Senior living is one of the options that can enrich the lives of older adults over the age of 65. This is because most senior living facilities are well equipped to cater to the unique needs of seniors. Here are some basic requirements every modern senior housing facility should endeavor to fulfill.

1. Independence

Seniors will often show reservations when they feel that they will lose their independence when they join a home. Even though independent living includes 24-hour assistance, many residents want to have the opportunity to make their own decisions.

The challenge for senior living facilities is to create a free environment that is also safe. Seniors can choose the design and decor of their rooms. The community should ensure older adults can live with dignity and autonomy.

2. Fitness

Staying active is essential for our physical and mental health. The positive impact of exercise is higher as seniors grow older and become more susceptible to diseases. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Fitness is also important in senior living facilities as it reduces incidences of falls and slips. It helps them strengthen the muscles and keeps them supple. Every housing residence should provide access to facilities for keeping fit.

3. Hobbies

Psychologists recommend that retirees continue pursuing their hobbies or find new ones to keep the brain active. Hobbies have cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits for the senior.

Hobbies can reinforce a senior’s sense of purpose and reduce anxiety. Some of the basic hobbies at a senior living community may include crafts, painting, cooking, playing the guitar, among others.

4. Socializing

Social isolation among the elderly has adverse effects, which may result in susceptibility to illness, depression, and cognitive decline.

Independent housing for the elderly should make provisions for a wide range of social activities in the community. Some of the activities may include:

  • Social outings to the mall and cinema
  • Indoor games like billiards
  • Organized lunches and dinner breaks with family
  • Cooking classes
  • Exercise and fitness programs

5. Lifelong Learning

Research shows that education is crucial for enriching the lives of older adults. Lifelong learning can enhance brain function while helping older adults cope with issues associated with stress and self-image.

Lifelong learning describes knowledge that you acquire throughout your lifetime. Seniors may take classes in institutions or independently through online courses.

Senior living communities are encouraged to develop ways for their residents to access education programs. They can team up with a nearby school to organize classes for older adults. Alternatively, a reliable internet connection and helpful staff can facilitate seniors who want to learn through their initiative.

In Conclusion

An independent housing community should have amenities and activities to boost the physical and mental health of seniors. They must also consider every individual is different and treat them with compassion and dignity. For more options for older adults, visit our website for more information.

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