Independent Living Is The Way To Live

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May 18, 2019
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Independent Living Is The Way To Live

independent living

Are you 55 or older and are considering an independent living community? If so, you’re not alone. Humans are social beings who need companionship. Living in a friendly, social community can help senior citizens avoid or delay health problems, such as depression. And the minimum requirements are easy to meet: most independent housing communities require that their residents be 55 years or better. Check. Here are some reasons to consider when planning a move to an independent living community:


  • You’ll make new friends and socialize in an environment with kindred spirits. Senior living communities can help independent-minded seniors make the social connections they crave.
  • You may resist moving from your established home, but in a senior living community older adults are free from the many obligations of homeownership–mowing the lawn and raking leaves, anyone?–but will have the independence provided by an apartment of your very own. Many communities help their seniors with a range of daily tasks and duties, such as house cleaning and even reminders to take one’s medicines
  • Independent living communities often provides their residents transportation. You’ll feel like a VIP when the chauffeured vehicle drops you off at your destination. You’ll not need a car because a driver will take you where you need to go. No more gassing up!
  • Chef prepared meals are one of the luxuries in an independent living community. You’ll eat delicious, well-balanced meals that will suit your nutritional needs. You can still cook if you like because most apartments have their own kitchenettes.
  • You’ll be safe while you live independently. Seniors are rightly concerned for their safety as they get older, but a senior living community provides the safety and security you desire. Aesthetically and practically designed, independent communities have no stairs to climb and there are handrails in the hallways and bathrooms. You’ll be less at risk from being injured in a fall.
  • You’ll be at peace. You’ll have the confidence that life in an independent community is safe an secure, your grown children will be happy that there is someone near in case you have need.


Senior living communities offer many benefits. From fun activities with new friends to delicious, chef-prepared meals to safety and security, independent living was never so good. As a senior you’ll live a full, active life in a senior living community.

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