How to Stay Fit in a Senior Living Community

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How to Stay Fit in a Senior Living Community

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Did you know that the last census report found that there are more than 50,000 people in the U.S. who are aged 100 years old or older?

Whatever your age, it’s important to stay active and fit during your senior years. But many people wonder how they will stay fit during their years in a senior living community.

The secret to staying fit and healthy is motivation; finding a champion spirit that can inspire you to stay active, regardless of your age or abilities. Senior living communities can provide that extra boost of inspiration and motivation to help you meet your fitness goals.

The current trend in independent living communities is for creating environments that empower residents to maintain healthy lifestyles. This includes a level of fitness that will meet all individual needs. This trend has inspired many independent living communities to provide professional fitness centers that are designed for every fitness level and physical ability. If you haven’t already started your own fitness program, this is a great reason to begin.

Looking for a Senior Living Community? Ask About Fitness Offerings

Exercise is important for enhancing your health and maximizing your quality of life. It can help you maintain a healthy weight, which is important since metabolism slows down with age. Regular exercise can increase muscle mass and bone density, which can help shield you in the event of a fall. Finally, it also reduces the impact of disease and illness while improving your mobility, flexibility, and balance.

Before you decide to move into an independent living community, make sure you call ahead and ask about their fitness offerings. But don’t stop there: you may want to visit their fitness center in person to have a look around. You may even have the chance to see their fitness program at work.

Some communities provide top-of-the-line fitness equipment, such as treadmills, recumbent bicycles, exercise bands, and hand weights. They may also offer personal fitness trainers for those who prefer to have their own custom workout routines.

Other communities may have special relationships with local fitness centers, and provide transportation there for residents. Whatever the offering at the center you choose, make sure they offer a varied exercise program with fun activities included.

Start Exercising Outdoors for Extra Motivation

If a health condition is forcing you to work out, but you still lack the motivation to get on a treadmill, consider taking your workout outdoors. Energy from sunlight can be motivating, and good weather and beautiful scenery can make exercise much more enjoyable.

Take walks through your local park or practice deep breathing exercises in your own backyard to improve your cardiovascular health. Utilize portable strength training devices to add some variety to your outdoor training sessions. Many senior living communities also provide access to low-impact sports equipment, such as physiotherapy bands and foot swings.

Get Peer Support Through a Senior Community

At a senior living community, you will find many potential workout buddies to get you motivated. Better yet, your workout partners and trainers will offer the accountability you need to stay on track.

Residents of senior living communities stay active by engaging in regular activities. There may be group classes for practices like yoga, swimming, aerobics, and even dance. Best of all, it always comes with a built-in group of friends to cheer each other on. Besides adding motivation and accountability, it allows you to benefit from social engagement and activity at the same time.

Even though everyone knows about the benefits of exercise, many of us lack the drive to exercise as we get older. Senior living communities help with this by placing a high priority on residents’ health, wellness, and fitness. From ongoing support through services and amenities to daily scheduled activities and onsite fitness centers, options for staying fit are becoming more prevalent at independent living centers.

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