How to Speak to Your parent About Senior Living Communities

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October 1, 2020
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How to Speak to Your parent About Senior Living Communities

Did you know that the last census report found that seniors above 65 made up 15% of the population? According to American Senior Communities, there will be approximately 14.1 million people above 85 by 2040.

Even though they are getting older, most seniors tend to brush off the conversation about moving into a senior living community. 75% of families tend to dance around the subject. They fear how their loved one might react. While you may try hard to ignore it, waiting for too long can be catastrophic. Here are some tips that can help you broach the subject to your Mom or Dad.

1. Have an Open and Candid Discussion

The first step would be to bring up the topic. Listen to your parent’s views about senior living communities. You need to be shrewd when choosing the mood and setting for the conversation. It is a sensitive issue, as it touches on your loved one’s independence and freedom. Try to bring up the discussion in-person rather than over the phone. You may present your concerns about their safety, such as managing medications, risks of falls, or loneliness. Avoid an aggressive tone.

2. Rope in Your Siblings

If you have brothers or sisters, involve them in the discussion. Keeping them in the dark may aggravate the issues. You can discuss the different options for senior housing. You can also agree on how to bring up the topic with your parent. You can choose to do it over a warm family dinner. Be sure not to make it sound like the decision is already set. Mom does not have to feel like the kids are ganging against her.

3. Empathize, not Sympathize

It can be difficult to watch your loved one failing to take care of themselves properly. However, no parent wants to feel like the children are feeling sorry for them. The conversations about moving to senior living communities can be emotive. It is vital to keep your head cool. You can counter the feelings of shame or self-loathing by being calm and kind. Try to understand their fears and concerns. Reassure them by presenting the benefits of independent living and senior housing.

4. Tour Dallas Senior Living Communities

One of the best ways to keep your parent receptive to the idea is to involve them in the process. You can do it by taking them on a visit to an independent housing community. Everyone has a right to choose where they will live and what level of care they want to receive. Most senior living communities organize open days that allow visitors to interact with other residents. It can help your Mom get a feel of how will life be. The trip might help nudge them to move into the senior living community in Dallas, TX.

5. Be Patient

Moving out of a home you have spent the better part of your life is not easy. Give your parents time to process their feelings. Rushing the decision will only fuel their resistance. Remember some statistics show that nine out of ten seniors would prefer to age at home. Therefore, let them have some time to deal with their emotions. You can make a follow-up conversation later on.


Senior living communities can allow your loved one to enjoy their freedom and privacy while getting some assistance with basic activities. It can be challenging to bring up the subject of moving out. Luckily, if you are able to calmly have the initial conversation, your parent may be receptive to the idea.

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