How To Get Back Into The Dating World As A Senior Citizen

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How To Get Back Into The Dating World As A Senior Citizen

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you’ve probably been seeing boxes of chocolate, red hearts, and specials on flower arrangements everywhere you look. This time of year can bring up a lot of complicated feelings for people who don’t currently have a special someone in their life. The good news is that it is entirely possible to find love at any age. If you want to delve back into the world of dating, use these tips to get back on the field.


Online Services

Dating websites and apps aren’t reserved for the young. Anyone can make a profile and find hundreds of others in their area who are the same age and have common interests. In fact, a Pew Research study held in 2015 showed that an estimated 12% of seniors use dating sites and apps.

There are even multiple dating websites dedicated to the 65 and over crowd. You can use AARP Dating, eHarmony Senior Dating, and other niche sites that match people of the same religion or culture. If you’re unsure of how to make a profile or successfully use it once it’s set up, enlist the help of a tech-savvy (and hopefully love-savvy) friend or family member.


Senior Living Communities

What’s a better way to find someone in a similar stage of life who lives nearby? Many seniors have been able to find love and companionship in independent living and senior living communities. Not only are you in close proximity to other seniors, but independent living communities often host activities, meals, and outings that give you a chance to get to know other people.

For those who balk at the idea of meeting a stranger online, a senior living community gives you the opportunity to meet someone in a more natural environment. This atmosphere also doesn’t place pressure on the relationship to become romantic. Adults in independent living communities often form friendships based on mutual interests and hobbies that don’t turn into romantic relationships. However, if a relationship between you and a friend can blossom into a romantic one, independent housing gives you the perfect opportunity.


You can find love at any point in your life. Even if you’ve already built a family with someone else in your past, you can foster a loving relationship now with someone new that will make your golden years shine even brighter.

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