How Independent Senior Living Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

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May 13, 2019
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How Independent Senior Living Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

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Many active but retired seniors want to live somewhere that allows them to retain their independence without the hassles of home ownership. As a result, there is record demand for senior housing in Dallas. While seniors with memory disorders or physical disabilities may require full-time care in a nursing home, many seniors are looking for a community where they can remain totally independent. These independent living communities cater to active seniors who want to maintain their lifestyle. The best senior housing communities don’t just provide independence, they also let residents enjoy their retirement with like-minded individuals.

But how do you find the right senior housing community? What amenities and benefits should you look for? Keep reading to learn what the best independent living communities have to offer. When choosing where you want to live after retirement, don’t settle for mediocre.

Upgrade your lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, moving into senior housing doesn’t mean you have to compromise your quality of life. For instance, here at Lakeland Hills Senior Living, we work hard to stand out from other Dallas senior living communities. We offer comfortable, spacious apartment homes that allow residents to maintain independence while being immersed in a dynamic community. In addition, we offer a variety of entertainment options, dining, and amenities to keep our residents engaged.

Beauty salon

We understand that you value your aesthetic wellness as you do your physical wellness. That’s why we provide residents with an on-site beauty salon that you can visit when you want to cut your hair or do your nails. Not only will you feel great about the way you look, but you can spend time with your friends and peers, too.

Access to health facilities

Access to health facilities is an essential part of senior housing. You need to visit your health practitioner regularly and get your prescribed medicines and drugs to keep you in good health. Before choosing a senior living community, make sure that they provide transportation to medical appointments as needed. At our Dallas senior living community, we transport residents to medical appointments three days a week.

Access to laundry services

Your laundry will be picked up, washed, dried, and ironed. Our housekeepers are friendly and always ready to help you at your home. We pick up laundry in the morning and the evening and also ensure that your beddings are always clean. For those who still want to do their own laundry, we provide a fully stocked laundry room.

Entertainment and excursions

Today, more than half the population aged 65 and above volunteer their time. After retirement, many people discover exciting new ways to spend their time. In addition, the best senior housing communities also provide transportation to nearby attractions and events. Whether you want to take a day trip to a casino, volunteer your time at a local hospital, or enjoy a night at a musical performance, transportation should be available.

Access to food and meals

As we age, nutrition becomes especially important. When evaluating senior living communities, look for places that feature fresh, healthy food. How will you know if a particular community is up to the challenge? Ask if your senior housing provider has an in-house chef. At Lakeland, we provide three square meals every day in our restaurant-style eatery. Our meals ensure that you meet your dietary and nutritional needs at all times.

Arrange for leisure activities.

Living in senior living communities can sometimes be a lonely affair, especially if you are a shy person. However, we take charge of this situation. We arrange platforms where you can meet up with other seniors and participate in activities that are socially and mentally engaging. Whether you want to spend some time with new friends playing bridge or spend the day at a nearby swim center, it’s important to stay active.

In short, when you’re looking for senior living communities, look for places that put an emphasis on the living. Life doesn’t stop when you retire. Or, at least, it doesn’t have to.

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