5 Volunteer Opportunities For Seniors

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November 8, 2019
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5 Volunteer Opportunities For Seniors

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Independent housing for seniors has gone communal. Today’s seniors are more active than ever, and that means more than just playing shuffleboard. Seniors are giving back with about half of adults age 65 or over engaging in some form of volunteer work to better their communities.

Senior living communities and senior housing can help older adults find the right volunteer opportunities for their interests and passions. As an added benefit, many senior housing communities offer options right there in their communities. It doesn’t matter if you’re loved one is living in independent housing in Dallas or a senior community somewhere else: older adults don’t need to go far to stay active while helping those in need.

Here are five of the best volunteer openings for seniors in independent housing:

1. Park clean up groups

Show your local parks some love. Helping with clean up at a local park can be a great way to get outside and help your community. All it takes is some trash bags and a can-do spirit. Parks often need help with picking up trash, clearing walking trails, and general maintenance. If you’re unsure where to start, look up local parks, as administrators will often post online to organize clean up days.

2. Food prep and distribution

Sadly, there’s no shortage of folks in need of food. A local soup kitchen, community pantry, or senior center may need assistance with food preparation and distribution. That could mean doing some of the cooking, but it may be as simple as washing dishes or clearing tables. Many senior living communities and centers also need kitchen volunteers for these types of tasks. This opportunity could be closer to home than you think!

3. Fundraising

Senior housing communities and senior centers often need a little fundraising help, as do other local organizations. From libraries to churches to community centers, there are many groups that will put on rummage sales to raise funds. These organizations can always use an extra pair of hands to help ensure things run smoothly. You could end up organizing goods, carrying boxes, or ringing up customers depending on the fundraiser’s specific needs.

4. Donating clothing

A senior living community, like any other community, is sure to have extra clothing. Luckily, there are always charities and organizations looking for clothing donations. This is a great way to do something good for both the local community and the wider world.

5. Mentoring youth

There’s nothing like connecting across generations. Seniors have a lot of life experience and wisdom to share and there are plenty of youth in need. Tutoring and mentoring are two of the most rewarding ways for seniors to volunteer in their communities. Sometimes this takes the form of help with homework and life, but often it’s as simple as just hanging out and building a connection with a child in need.

Wherever your passions and talents lie, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for ambitious seniors who want to get out into their community and make it a better place. This list is a good starting point, but you can always explore your community’s specific needs to find even more ways to help.

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