5 Gifts to Ease Your Loved One’s Move to a Senior Living Community

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February 7, 2019
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March 13, 2019

5 Gifts to Ease Your Loved One’s Move to a Senior Living Community

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Moving into a senior living community can be a stressful transition. Even though your loved one will be surrounded by their peers, any type of major move can be a huge adjustment. Help make their transition a little easier by offering them one of these five gifts designed to make them feel comfortable.

Fun games and icebreakers

Most senior living communities and retirement communities have an age restriction of 55 and older, but that doesn’t mean your loved one will immediately connect with their peers. Help them make connections with their neighbors by gifting them plenty of fun games, icebreakers, and craft items that can be used among a group of people. These items are the perfect excuse for your loved one to chat with their neighbors and start forging friendships in a new place.

An essential oil diffuser

It’s likely that your loved one will be facing a great deal of stress when they move to a new location. Luckily, an oil diffuser can promote the scent of calming lavender and soothing orange designed to help calm their nerves. If your loved one used an essential oil diffuser in their previous living space, this can also be used to help make a new place smell like home.

A recent photo album

It’s likely that your loved one has plenty of photos from back in the day. Gift them with new memories by putting your favorite family photos in a new scrapbook. This sentimental gift is a thoughtful option for any loved one, but your senior family member will appreciate it all the more if they move to an independent living community that’s a little further away.

A gift certificate

Whether you choose a spa, a massage, or a night out on the town is up to you. Just because your loved one has moved to an independent living community doesn’t mean they’re stuck in one place. Ease their tense bodies and relieve stress after the move by giving them an excuse to pamper themselves.

Something cozy

You can never go wrong with a comfy new robe or a soft blanket. This gift is great for people of any age, but it’s particularly nice for people with sensitive skin, a common issue for people approaching senior living age.

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