4 Tips for Finding the Right Independent Housing Facility

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4 Tips for Finding the Right Independent Housing Facility

It can be hard to admit that someone you love needs to move to a place that provides more support. The conversation about this decision is not easy but it can lead to better things. It has been estimated that a full 90% of all people over the age of 65 say they want to be able to remain in their homes for a long as they possibly can. There are great independent housing facilities around the country.

  1. Talk to people you know. The American population is getting older and the chances are good that you know someone who has either moved into a senior living community or has found one for someone else. One of the best ways to find decent products or services is to get a recommendation from someone you know and trust. Even if you are not taken with the independent housing center your friend or relative found, this can get you started with your search.
  2. Talk to the person’s physician. Before you set out to look at different senior living communities, it is important to talk to the person’s doctor. They are familiar with the person’s health status and they know what kind of support they may need in such a facility. There are a number of kinds of senior housing centers in the United States. To make sure you are looking at the right kinds of places, talking to the person’ doctor can be very helpful. The physician or their staff may even have recommendations for you.
  3. Talk to the person’s insurance carrier. Depending on the kind of independent housing facility you are looking at there is a chance some of the costs may be covered by their insurance policy. They may not be but you will not get them to say yes unless you take the time to ask.
  4. Visit the facilities that interest you. When you have a few places you like, take some time and go out and visit them. You can learn only so much from the internet or on the phone. Here are some things you should look for and at during your visits:
    • Ask about staff turnover. When the staff is treated well and paid well, you can see it in the way they interact with the people who live at the independent housing facility. Unhappy workers can do a lot to make it hard for people to live there.
    • Talk to the residents. The people who know best what the place is like are the people who live there. They can give you the best inside look at what life at the independent housing place is really like.
    • Look at the activities they provide. If your loved one loves to play Bridge, finding a place that offers that can make a big difference in their quality of life. Others may offer fitness classes and other options for social interactions for the residents. This can be very important for keeping the people there healthy and happy.
    • Check out the dining facilities. Most independent housing centers have a dining room. This is more than a place for the residents to get their meals but can be a social gathering spot. Of course, if the food they offer is good, it will help improve the quality of life for the people who live there. Nobody likes bad food.
    • Pay attention to the upkeep of the inside and outside of the buildings. A lot of people in senior living communities like to take walks around the grounds. Find a place that takes good care of the areas around the buildings and makes sure they are in good shape. Take a look, too, at the inside. If the inside of the facilities look dirty or neglected in the public areas, you can see how much the staff and management care about the people who live there.

While many people resist moving into senior living communities around the nation, many say they are happier once they move in. When you are talking to a friend or family member about making the move to an independent housing community, it can be hard but with some work, you will find the right one for them.

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