3 Ways Yoga Helps us Age Better

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April 1, 2020
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3 Ways Yoga Helps us Age Better

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Americans are living longer than ever. In 2016, a Pew Research poll discovered that nearly 20% of senior citizens hadn’t retired. In fact, many were still working full-time jobs. It is encouraging to know that as we grow older, we can still contribute to the world. But, being a member of the workforce is not the only measure of our success.

We can contribute to our communities in other ways. We can share with others our gifts of grace, wisdom, and insight. These are timeless and beautiful gifts indeed.

However, with the gifts of age also come the complications. We often have to deal with memory problems, anxiety, and mobility issues as we get older.

Many seniors choose to face these problems head-on. One way to do so is to take up the practice of yoga. It turns out that it is a great way of improving overall health and wellness at any age.</P

Some seniors attend weekly yoga classes at their libraries or senior centers. Also, senior living communities are now offering yoga classes to residents.

Three Ways Yoga Helps us Age Better

1. Yoga helps reduce anxiety.

Many Senior living communities report that one of the most common problems facing residents is anxiety. Many inhabitants at independent living facilities say they feel insecure about their health and their overall lack of agility.

Yoga is a great practice to help offset these feelings of insecurity. The practice offers relief to the body and mind by focusing on breathing exercises and simple poses to help relax and calm the sympathetic nervous system. It also helps improve posture and strength.

2. Yoga helps us be more mindful.

As an essential component of yoga, mindfulness practice encourages seniors to intentionally bring their entire focus to the present moment without criticism or judgment. By doing so, it gives them a greater sense of the beauty of right now.

Senior living communities offering yoga classes see the improved mood in residents because of the mindfulness practices they implement.

By encouraging residents at senior housing facilities to be more mindful, yoga teachers help seniors become more in touch with themselves and with the world around them.

3. Yoga reduces blood pressure.

High blood pressure (or hypertension) is a major complaint for many seniors. Dallas senior living communities have found that yoga is a great way to control it. Though yoga isn’t a cure-all, it can lower stress in seniors, and this, in turn, helps lower blood pressure.

Well-Being at Every Age

Yoga is a practice that can help seniors become more centered and more in tune with their bodies. This helps them live with less chronic stress and be more aware that each moment they have in this life is a gift.

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